Building a Quality Timeless Wardrobe: 5 Types of Shirts Every Man Should Own

Are you tired of the constant outfit dilemmas that plague you on work mornings or any time of the day when you need to pick an outfit? It often turns out as an anxious-avoidant relationship with your wardrobe. And when you finally foster enough courage to face your wardrobe, you feel overwhelmed by the shirt choices!

This could be the reason why you keep on wearing the same old boring shirt. It is probably not because it’s the comfiest shirt out there in your wardrobe but could be because you find selecting the perfect shirt quite exhausting. And rightfully so! Selecting a shirt for the day can be a challenging task for all. In this blog, we will dive into the types of shirts every man should own which can help him build a timeless wardrobe.

What Makes a Quality Shirt?

A good shirt needs to be of excellent quality. You can tell a good shirt among different types of men’s shirts by its appearance, texture and material, the quality of the collar and its fit as well as the pattern. You have to ask the following questions while determining the quality of the shirt:

  • Stitches per inch : A well stitched shirt has 16-18 stitches per inch to give it a classy finish, some casual shirts use thicker thread and have lesser stitches per inch but that is acceptable.
  • Pre washed fabrics: Natural fabric tends to shrink after wash, we at Pink Supply, pre wash the fabrics and garments to maintain fit after you do home laundry too.
  • Collar Quality: Is it well made, symmetrical on both sides. Back and front of collar is fused well. It has no puckering on it. 
  • Fit: Does it give you comfort and easy in body movements still not making it look over sized.
  • Quality: This is where no one is looking. Side seams finishing, button attaching , extra button with garments , wash care label. 

The creation of a shirt of superior quality requires attention to numerous intricate details. Over the years, Pink Supply has perfected its craft and has continued producing different types of shirts for all occasions. How many types of shirts for men do you possess? Here are all the different types of shirts you need to elevate your wardrobe.

5 Type of Shirts for Men that will Elevate your Elegance

1. Linen Shirts

raw lime type of shirts for men

There are different types of shirts for summer, but linen shirts can be your breezy answer to all your warm-weather problems. It’s light, it’s airy and it gives you the chance to experiment with some pastel shades which you may not ordinarily go for. Pink Supply offers you extravagant linen shirts for all your summer needs.

2. Casual Cotton Shirts

Whether you are going for a date or planning for a weekend get-together with your friends, casual cotton shirts are one of the perfect choices among different types of shirts which will make you stand beside the line of generic styling. So here, you can take a smart call and think of having a vivid collection of cotton shirts from Pink Supply.

3. Denim Shirts

Denim Shirts has always been a throwback to the wardrobe. Wherever you think of getting a chic attire, wear it with a chinos and when you want to go casual wear it with a shorts or denim pants. 

4. Resort wear shirts 

If you wish to have fun with clothes, go for a printed shirt or a camp collar shirt.  At Pink supply we have shirts in linen, hemp, cotton. It just puts you in the mood. They are casual comfortable and chic. You can get some great holiday pictures in these.

5. Party Wear

coral linen type of shirts for men

The party wear shirt is all about bringing a change in the stereotypical styling. The party-wear shirts for men have some beautiful styles and prints that set a hallmark.

To receive flattering compliments and wishes from people to acknowledge your sense of styling without having any second thoughts explore the designs and grab them fast before they get off your reach.


These are some of the best types of shirts for men that every man needs to have in the closet. Now you might be confused about which one to shop for as all these different types of shirts have become staple clothing.

To overcome this dilemma, it is best to shop for each type of shirt as it is available at an affordable price range at Pink Supply and who knows how much time it will last in Pink Supply’s exclusive collection!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the types of shirts for men?

A. Formal shirts, casual shirts, button down shirts, western model shirts, camp collar shirts and street wear is too much in fashion too.

Q. What type of shirts looks best on men?

A. A well fitted shirt is what always looks goo, not too tight not too loose.

Q. How to know if a shirt fits you well ?

A.  A well fitted shirt should fall in mid crotch, it should button easily without leaving too much extra fabric. The sleeves should end slightly after break of wrist. The shoulder seam should hit at your natural shoulder line. One make does not fit all, that is why we have three fits and we custom make all clothing. 

Get in touch for custom make. We even custom make denim shirts .

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