5 Trendy Sustainable Flannel Shirts for Men 2024 Collection

As the temperature continues to drop, it is time for you to bust out all the winter jackets and sweaters from the back of your capsule closet.

Let’s lace up your chunkiest boots, dig out your scarves and put on your favourite flannel. Wait, what? You don’t have a favourite? Well, that needs a rectification immediately!

Take a look through our picks for the best flannel shirts for men and get ready to fall in love with something comfortable.

Do not be afraid to experiment with different combinations and patterns when it comes to selecting what flannel to wear. It is all about finding a look that speaks to you and most importantly, makes you feel comfy.

What is a Flannel?

You know, its origins were initially for the working class, especially hard labourers and farmers.

Flannel shirts existed for many years and are manufactured with certain types of fabric which are soft and woven, the fabric can come in wool or cotton.

They were very popular among farmers because of their affordability and their sturdy and comfortable fabric.

Even today, flannel shirts for men thrive with many styles making them your wardrobe staple for this winter.

How to Choose a Flannel Shirt for Men?

  • Occasion: Experts advise choosing a flannel shirt based on the occasion. An occasion can be considered a good guiding point for deciding the flannel thickness. Some will be lined with either fleece, fur or another material, while others can be made of more flimsy cotton material. Each can be good for a variety of uses.

  • Weight:  According to stylists, flannel shirts for men are meant to be a wardrobe essential in your winter or fall wardrobe and should age beautifully with you. Because of this reason, a good flannel needs to have some density and weight. You know, it can be worn as a standalone piece, but often the good flannel’s weight will flirt with being an overshirt or a shacket.

  • Material: The higher the price point for any flannel, the more material the flannel uses. In addition to that, if it uses a unique material, it will likely cost more than regular flannels.

Our Top Picks for the Best Sustainable Flannel Shirts!

1. Checked Flannel Shirt in Green


Best sustainable checked flannel shirt for men in green


A Flannel shirt for men is great for crunching about outside in crisp winter weather but it can get too hot if you are planning to spend the day inside. You should consider this Green Checked Flannel Shirt which is a softer and thinner alternative for indoor, rainy days. It is amazingly soft with gorgeous fabrics.

2. Frost Seaweed Flannel Shirt

Frost seaweed flannel shirt for men

If your winter plans are more of rolling around in leaves than looking swanky at a fancy restaurant, maybe spend a little less on flannel.

The Frost Seaweed flannel shirt is great for basics as it is a traditional flannel. It is brushed, lightweight and moderately warm which provides you the perfect balance of warmth and comfort.

3. Blue Stone Flannel Shirt

Blue Stone Flannel Shirt by pink Supply

One of the best things about winter is that you can wear a flannel every single day without raising an eyebrow. And if you are planning on doing that, you will want to have the Blue Stone Flannel shirt for men in your winter wardrobe. This sustainable flannel is an excellent everyday flannel. Meant to be worn as a layer or a fully buttoned indoor shirt, this option provides the classic flannel texture and appearance.

4. Green Shacket Shirt for Men

Warm enough to be worn as a shacket, but soft enough to be a regular shirt, this option is made of melange cotton which is also durable as hell.

Best sustainable green shacket shirt for men

5. Brick Red Plaid Flannel Shirt for Men

You might be tempted to spend less on a work shirt which is understandable but if you are seeking serious durability, that sometimes costs a little extra. Their flannel is always a go-to for winter and will last a lifetime.

As you navigate the chilly winter ahead, make a statement with your winter wardrobe by accepting the timeless comfort of flannel shirts.

Whether you are rolling in leaves, seeking durable warmth or layering up for daily wear, the above collection of sustainable flannel shirts for men has you covered.

Embrace the season, elevate your comfort and shop our collection now!

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