We started Pink Supply with a love for providing comfortable clothing for the modern wardrobe. Our design philosophy revolves around minimalism, clean cuts, in pure fabrics. The feel of clothing takes precedence over its looks. It’s for people who give importance to not filling their closet with goodies but looking elegant and feeling the highest level of comfort.


 Quality is our foundation, and silent styling is our muse.

We believe that true style doesn't need to shout; it quietly inspires. Our pieces are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they endure as classics.

In a world of trends that come and go, we stand for enduring sophistication. Our brand is a celebration of your understated grace, affirming your unchanging style. With us, you're not just dressing for today; you're adorning yourself for a lifetime of timeless elegance.



Beauty in simplicity, functionality at the forefront. Every fabric goes through a wash process before we stitch it, to give you a comfortable feel on your skin and to avoid any shrinkage or bleeding of colours.


Sustainability is not an option today. It is the only way of life and we at Pink Supply apply it to every fabric we use.


We ensure complete quality check before shipping each garment. We welcome feedback as it is the beginning of new possibilities for us. If any of our fabrics tear or bleed or you face issue with quality, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will do our best to solve issue, if you are happy with the product then also leave us a note which will encourage us to do better.
You may contact me personally at poonam@pinksupply.in